Miracles... There are many people today who find the idea of miracles far fetched, believing that only supernatural events can be considered miracles. After all, we don't typically see unexplained, supernatural phenomenon in our daily lives. 

In Ken's book, Miracles, Prophecy, and God's Other Ways, author Ken Kersey poses a different view. What if miracles happen in our every day experience through the small and somtimes seemingly insignificant events in our lives that most of us dismiss as "coincidence" or "happenstance"?

Just as Elijah heard God in the whisper and not in the wind, earthquake or fire, perhaps God is present and active in our everyday experiences through subtle yet impactful ways. This video offers a unique commentary by Roy Frady regarding the contents and impressions of Ken's new book on how God works in our world today. We hope you'll enjoy it.