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The following are excerpts from the books:

Vietnam POW Sustained By God's Power

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Former Congressman Sam Johnson of Texas is an American hero. He served in the U.S. Air Force for twenty-nine years and was a highly-decorated fighter pilot.  It was during his 25th combat mission on April 16, 1966, over North Vietnam that his F-4 Phantom Air Force jet was shot down. 

When he ejected from the aircraft, his right arm was broken in two places, his left shoulder dislocated, and his back broken.  He couldn’t use either arm. (Note: Johnson used to be right-handed but is left-handed now, because his right arm never totally healed -- his captors kept breaking it.)

Shortly after he was captured, he was placed before a firing squad.  As he faced them, Sam said. “Jesus, I love you.”… Then he heard a “click, click, click …” as one after another the guns aimed at him didn’t fire. You may think that this was a miracle, but as Paul Harvey used to say, “And now, the rest of the story!”


As It Was In The Days Of Noah

Many signs of the End Times seem to be coming true in our lifetime.  Many people are willing to believe false prophets and ignore the biblical prophecies that were made about the final showdown between good and evil.

In the past there has been interest in the Ark built by Noah, mainly in attempts to find where it landed after the flood.  There has not been much interest in building or creating replicas of Noah’s Ark….UNTIL today.


Communion On The Moon

Landing on the moon would have been impossible and incredible for the people in the
1850s.  Yet, just a little over a hundred years later, man went from riding in a stage coach to landing on the moon, 235,000 miles from earth!  The amount of knowledge increase that occurred in that short amount of time is truly remarkable!  This increase in knowledge and travel, predicted in Daniel 12:4, continues to this day. 

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon July 20, 1969.  The two astronauts shared communion in the lunar-lander and then exited to the moon’s surface.  Read what happened after they got back to earth.


God Uses Weather & Nature

I believe God has used weather and nature to intervene in history to make sure His plan for the world is fulfilled.  Telling all these occurrences would be a book in itself.  Therefore, I will relate only a few stories about events when weather was a major factor.

Read stories about how weather and nature played parts in Christopher Columbus’ discovery of America, the War of 1812 and World War II, and how a Soldier for Christ in a rain storm resulted in a call to the ministry.


Prophet Of Prophecy

It was a very foggy night, and he needed to get his boat across the busy Mississippi River.  That’s when God stepped in.  This “devout pagan” went on to become one of the best read “prophet’s of prophecy” in our time and has sold millions of books.


Book Signing at Mardel's

The following video was captured at a book signing at Mardel's in Plano, Texas shortly after Ken's first book was launched. Watch the video and see what readers of Ken's book discuss regarding their impressions and thoughts on Miracles, Prophecy, and God's Other Ways.

Roy Frady discusses Ken's book

Roy shares his thoughts on Ken's book, shortly after it was released.

Books are available for purchase in hardback, paperback and e-book format on Amazon or wherever books are sold.

Comments shared by readers:

“An impressive collection of stories of lives miraculously changed and empowered by the spirit of Christ.”
— Hugh Ross, President and Founder, Reason to Believe - California
“Kenneth Robb Kersey has weaved together a moving tapestry of God’s work through ordinary people called to fulfill the Great Commission. It is thrilling to read the events that shaped His servants, and the ministries they represent in the unfolding of God’s drama of redemption.”
— Dr. Alvin Low - President, ACTS International - Colorado
“What an encouragement to read story after story about how God is working in the world TODAY! I read it twice!”
— Kay B - Texas
“Well researched, the book touches on many areas where God has worked in the lives and revealed himself to ordinary people.”
— Joe K. - Virginia
“I read your book and couldn’t put it down. I plan to get 11 copies and give one to each of our grandchildren for Christmas.”
— Jeanelle S - Texas
“Wonderful book” “I plan to get a copy of the book for each of my four children for their birthdays.”
— Sally S - Arizona
“I read your book and was thoroughly encouraged. This has caused me to shift my thinking from how can I serve to how does God want to use me.”
— Ed B - Texas
“(The book) is a special addition to our library and will no doubt be read over and over.”
— Christine H. - California
“I’ve been reading your book, and it is AWESOME!”
— Julia D. - Iowa
“I found the stories very enlightening. Each one a true life experience.”
— Katie T. - California
“I finished your book. Great job! Thank you for writing this great book. Everybody in the world should have a copy. I’m looking forward to the sequel.”
— Scott L - Washington State
“I was most inspired by Mr. Kersey’s book. It is a collection of short true stories illustrating that God is still at work throughout the world in people’s lives, sometimes clearly revealed and at other times in mysterious ways. The book is well written and keeps one in suspense as you move from story to story. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in seeing God at work in today’s times. For a parent, it would be great bed-time story-reading material for children.”
— Bill F. - Texas