Do you have a nickname or title? The dictionary defines nickname as “a familiar name given to a person or thing instead of or as well as the real name.”

When I was born my parents named me Kenneth, but for most of my life I’ve been called Ken. My father and mother called me son or sonny boy. My sister called me her brother. When I got married my wife called me her husband and honey.

My children call me Dad and their children call me Granddad. My nephews and nieces call me uncle. I have less than a dozen titles or nicknames, yet they identify me. You probably have a dozen or fewer nick names as well. Yet, there are thousands of people in the world named Kenneth, Ken, son, sonny boy, brother, husband, honey, dad, granddad or uncle.

Jesus, on the other hand, has hundreds of titles or “nicknames”. Dr. David Jeremiah says that there are at least 700 nicknames, titles or pseudonyms for Jesus.

But there is only one person in all of history whose name uniquely identifies ONLY Him.

Here are just a few of His names and titles:

Advocate (Our) Holy Spirit

Alpha and Omega (The) High Priest (Our)

Adonai I Am

Apostle and High Priest Image of God

Atoning Sacrifice (The) Immanuel

Author and Finisher of Our Faith Jehovah

Amen (The) Jesus

Ancient of Days (The) Jesus of Nazareth

Anointed One (The) Key of David

Almighty (The) King of Glory

Beginning and the End (The) KING OF KINGS


Blessed Hope KING of the Jews

Branch (The) Lamb

Bread of God Lamb of God

Bread of Life Last Adam (The)

Bridegroom Life (The)

Bright and Morning Star Life Redeemer

Captain of Salvation Light of the World (The)

Chief Apostle Lion of the Tribe of Judah

Chief Shepherd Living Bread

Chosen of God Living Stone (The)

Christ Logos

Chief Cornerstone Lord God Omnipotent

Chosen One (The) Lord Jesus

Counselor Majesty on High

Comforter Man of Sorrows

Consolation of Israel Master

Creator (The) Mediator

Dayspring Merciful One

Daystar Merciful & Faithful High Priest

Deliverer Messiah - The Anointed One

Desire of All Nations Mighty God

Door (The) Mighty One of Israel

Eternal Salvation Morning Star

Elohim Most High God

Everlasting Father My Hiding Place

Everlasting One My Redeemer

Eternal One My Rock

El Shaddai My Song

Elohim Only Begotten of the Father

El Elyon - “God Most High" Our Father

El Roi - "God Who Sees” Perfecter of Our Faith

Emmanuel Possessor of Heaven and Earth

Father Prince of Peace

Faithful and True Potentate of Time

Faithful Witness Rabbi

Father of Glory Ransom (A)

Father of Lights Redeemer

First and Last Refuge (Our)

Firstborn of All Creation Revealer (The)

Fountain of Living Waters Righteous One (The)

Giver of Life Root of Jesse

God Sanctifier

God Almighty Savior

God of Hosts Seed of Abraham

God the Most High Shepherd

God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob Son

God of All Comfort Son of David

God of Heaven Son of God

God Our Rock Son of Man

Godhead (The) Sovereign

Good Shepherd Spirit of God

Great Physician (The) Star out of Jacob

Head of the Church Teacher

Heir of All Things Theos

High Priest (Our) Truth (The)

Holy One (The) Very Present Help

Holy One of Israel Vine

Holy and Righteous One Way (The)

Wonderful Counselor

Yahweh - "I AM who I AM”

Yahweh-jireh - “Yahweh will provide

Yahweh-rapha - "the one who heals”

Yahweh–nissi - My banner

Yahweh-mekoddishkem - "Yahweh - the one who sanctifies You"

Yahweh-shalom - "Yahweh is Peace"

Yahweh-sabaoth - "Yahweh the Lord of Hosts"

Yaweh-raah - Yahweh is my shepherd”

Yahweh-tsidkenu - “Yahweh is our saving justice”


So, when someone calls your name, think about how insignificant it is and how Great His names are…


There came a sign from Heaven, when the angel was sent down,

He had to bring a message to a virgin in the town.

He said the Son that you will bear, Jesus is His name,

Oh, how she loved that wonderful name.

No other name is given whereby we all must be saved.

No other name can conquer over death, hell and the grave.

He is Alpha and Omega, beginning and the end.

Oh, how I love that wonderful name.


Oh, how I love that wonderful name of Jesus.

It speaks joy way down in my soul.

Oh, how I love that wonderful name of Jesus

It speaks joy so much to my soul.