Perhaps you’ve read the poem entitled “One Solitary Life”. The author is unknown.  It has many versions.  Here is one of them:  

    “He was born in a stable in an obscure village.

    From there He traveled less than 200 miles.

    He never won an election.   He never went to College.

    He never owned a home.  He never had a lot of money.

    He became a nomadic preacher.  Popular opinion turned against Him.

    He was betrayed by a close friend, and His other friends ran away.

    He was unjustly condemned to death, crucified on a cross among common thieves,

    On a hill overlooking the town dump.  And when dead, laid in a borrowed grave.

    Nineteen centuries have come and gone.   Empires have risen and fallen.

    Mighty armies have marched and powerful rulers have reigned.

    Yet no one has affected men as much as He. 

    He is the central figure of the human race.  

    He is the Messiah, the Son of God, JESUS CHRIST!”

One morning I felt a compelling urge to rush to the computer and write what follows.  The words spilled out faster than I could write.  It took me all of five minutes to write an updated version.  

                                     "My  Hero” by Kenneth R. Kersey

    He doesn’t wear a suit and tie to work.   He’s not a whiz on Wall Street.

    He doesn’t own a lap top computer or have a cell phone.

    He doesn’t drive a fancy car.

    He’s not a movie star; nor does He have a TV show.

    He’s not a CEO that jets around the world;

    Nor did He receive a single vote in the last election.

    He doesn’t live in a big house or fancy neighborhood;

    He’s never taken a vacation or a cruise.

    He’s never written a book nor had His picture taken.

    The post office doesn’t even have His address.

    Yet, painters have portrayed Him.  Authors write about Him;.

    Movies depict Him.     No one has affected men as much as He.

    Twenty centuries have come and gone;  Wars are still fought in HIS name.

    Politicians and presidents fade into history.

    Friends who denied knowing Him, changed their minds and died for Him.

    He is the central figure of the human race

    He is the Messiah, the Son of God, JESUS CHRIST!