“For more than 40 years EvanTell has existed for one purpose…to declare the Gospel clearly and simply around the world, and equip believers to do the same through resources, events, training, and mentoring.”

Their stated mission is: 

   “Declare the Gospel, Clearly and Simply

                 Activate Believers Around the World

                                          Prepare Upcoming Generations to Reach the Lost”                                                            

EvanTell was founded by Dr. Larry Moyer in 1973. As a young graduate from Dallas Theological Seminary, he had a passion to reach the lost.  He felt a mandate from the Lord to share Christ around the world by sharing the Gospel in a simple way that anyone could understand.  Since then EvanTell has impacted millions of believers throughout the world as the Gospel is shared and explained through evangelistic events and training seminars.  In 2014 alone there were 1.8 million presentations of the Gospel along with 49,000 trainings in evangelism.  This means that approximately 3.5 people per minute were reached with a presentation of the Good News. 

Outreach tools provided by Evantell are available in 55 languages. They have ministry partners in more than fifteen countries, and their resources are in use around the world declaring the Gospel.      These materials are even approved by the governments of three totalitarian countries that are closed to outside missionaries.  

Evantell has a simple way of sharing the Gospel through the “May I Ask You a Question” method distributed in tract form.  Seminars called, “You Can Tell It!” and “You Can Preach It”, teach how to share the Gospel in a way that can be used anytime, anywhere, and to anyone. The Gospel is presented with clarity, is scripturally accurate, and presented with grace..

EvanTell uses the method of helping other ministry organizations and churches to train their members to share the Gospel and evangelize the unsaved in their own areas and cultures. This approach has proved to be financially less expensive and less time- consuming than trying to send people to each country where they would first need to learn the local language and culture before hoping to spread the Word.  Training local people means they can start right away. They have already developed relationships and often can take the Gospel into areas where missionaries are forbidden to go. 

Another one of EvanTell’s projects is to train staff members in pregnancy centers to provide them with faith-based, life-affirming instruction. The program is called Save the Mother, Save Her Child. The goal is to train and equip every staff member and volunteer in pregnancy resource centers (PRC) across the United States.  These staff members can then share the Gospel clearly and simply with each crisis pregnancy patient.  This program is provided at no cost to the centers.  It has proved to be most effective. 

Further details are available at the website: www.savethemothersaveherchild.org/.  

Dr. Larry Moyer has written many books and articles dealing with evangelism.  His books include:  31 Days to Walking with God in the Workplace, Free and Clear, Show Me How to Share the Gospel, 31 Days with the Master Fisherman, 31 Days to Living as a New Believer, and 21 Things God Never Said.

 In addition to many speaking engagements around the United States, Dr. Moyer serves as visiting professor at Dallas Theological Seminary and has been a guest lecturer at Word of Life Bible Institute. Dr. Moyer recently published the The Evangelism Study Bible, which is an all-in-one resource for those wanting to be more knowledgeable and confident about the sharing the Gospel.

Besides its influence in the United States, EvanTell reaches the lost in a number of areas in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America and other parts of the world.  The growth and scope of Evantell has exploded in the last decade.  As this ministry partners with the Church and believers around the world, more and more of the lost are hearing the Gospel declared simply and clearly,  It is Evantell's focus and passion to continue their work until Jesus returns.

Further information is available on their web site: www.evantell.org/.