From the vantage point of satellites and with the aid of computer generated imaging, we can now see through video and animation what the earth would look like if the oceans were drained.  A National Geographic television special presented a series of programs that explore what the earth under the seas would look like if drained of all water.

Technological advances such as unmanned subs and advanced mapping software have made it possible to create computer images of the ocean floors that provide the same level of detail as those secured for the surface of Mars.  Ocean areas of the earth that look like swimming pools from above reveal vastly different terrain when the water is stripped away with the computer images.

For example, the waters off the Bahamas may appear to be like a huge swimming pool from the surface. This technology has revealed that below the surface are steep cliffs that rise almost two miles above the vast plain of the ocean floor.  Yosemite National Park’s five-thousand-foot tall Half Dome appears like a small hill in comparison.

Perhaps the earth under the drained seas looks like it did when God said in Genesis 1: 1-2a:   “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was formless and void”… Does that mean bare, dry?  Void of what, water? 

One day God may reveal that to us.  In the meantime, man will further explore and discover, using his ever-expanding knowledge of technology and science.