The following story is told by Corrie ten Boom in her book A Prisoner and Yet.  It is similar to the story in Acts 12 when Peter was in prison and an angel helped him walk past guards and escape.  The guards didn’t see him.

During World War II Corrie ten Boom and her sister Betsie arrived at one of the Nazi concentration camps.  All new prisoners were being searched for any type of contraband.  Corrie had a Bible she wanted to keep, so she hid it under her dress. She says, “it did bulge out obviously through my dress, but I prayed, ‘Lord, cause now Thine angels to surround me; and let them not be transparent today, for the guards must not see me.’  I felt perfectly at ease.  Calmly I passed the guards.   

Everyone was checked, from the front, the sides, and the back.  Not a bulge escaped the eyes of the guard.  The woman just in front of me had hidden a woolen vest under her dress; it was taken from her.  They let me pass, for they did not see me.  Betsie, right behind me, was searched.” 

A second group of guards searched them, but again Corrie was not seen.  She writes, “I knew they would not see me, for the angels were still surrounding me.  I was not even surprised when they passed me by; but within me rose the jubilant cry, ‘O Lord, if Thou dost so answer prayer, I can face even Ravensbruck unafraid.’”  

(Ravensbruck was a concentration camp for female German prisoners in World War II.)



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